Here are the rates and benefits of joining Search and Rescue Dogs of the United States:

Individual Membership

$25 per Year
Registration Ends Jan. 31

Individual membership offers the following benefits:

  • Certifying Your Dog for Air Scent, Trailing, Disaster, Avalanche, HRD, or Water
  • Becoming a Certified Evaluator
  • Meeting NIMS Typing Standards for Your SAR Dog
  • Meeting the Needs of Law Enforcement by Satisfying Standards Set by Case Law for Evidence
  • Taking Part in SARDUS Training and Continued Education
  • Listing Yourself Available to Respond to Emergencies Outside of Your Jurisdiction on a Regional Basis
  • If your belong to an Agency with membership- FREE re-certification tests!
  • Having Direct Input in How Your National Association Works, How You Are Certified, and How You Are Deployed



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Agency Membership

$150 per Year
Agency membership offers the following benefits:

Agencies with Current SAR Dog Resources

  • NEW! Each Agency Membership Comes with free re-certification tests for your members!
  • Certify Evaluators in Your Jurisdiction
  • Certify Your Current SAR Dog Resources
  • Meet NIMS Typing Standards for SAR Dogs
  • Satisfy Evidence Standards Set by Case Law for Canines
  • SARDUS support should your resources need to testify in court
  • Available Training and Continued Education
  • Note: each individual must also hold an Individual Membership.

Agencies with No Current SAR Dog Resources

  • Provide Support for Developing Local Resources
  • Provide Training and Education
  • If you need a SAR dog team, we will work to provide you a SARDUS-certified resource and assist in setting mutual aid agreements with SAR organizations that are SARDUS-certified.


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