The Organization behind the Search and Rescue Dog TeamsSARDUS provides the training for human-dog teams that save lives.

Let’s set up a scenario. This might be something you’ve seen on TV or even experienced firsthand. A child gets lost in the woods. What happens next? This is when a team of professionals from law enforcement agencies, fire departments, rescue organizations, and volunteer dog handlers work together with the community to reunite the missing child with their family.

Search and rescue teams are a proven lifesaving resource. These heroic canines and their equally heroic handlers can spring into action because of organizations such as Search and Rescue Dogs of the United States (SARDUS). We provide certification, training, and education for search and rescue dog teams.

In a great many crisis situations, one or more dog-and-handler teams are called in to help. These highly trained teams assist with searches for missing people in a variety of different environments. These may include a big city, the wilderness, water, or the site of an avalanche. The teams we have trained, evaluated, and certified help recover human remains, look for evidence of a crime, and even respond to scents in the air to locate those missing.

We welcome your support, from appreciation of our volunteers to donations to further improve our training and reach. Get in touch with us today to learn about the part we play in search and rescue.

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