SARDUS is happy to announce that we will be expanding the SAR Canine Training Grant Program in 2024. We started this program in the mid 1990’s to allow smaller groups with few funding resources to put on training clinics in their area. SARDUS funded several clinics during this time. SARDUS will award $1000 towards a SAR Canine Clinic in your area as “seed money” to bring in instructors of your choice. The application process is relatively simple, and SARDUS will grant a total of $10,000 in 2024. In addition, special grants will be awarded to support Indigenous communities that are currently underserved in developing SAR dog resources. The SARDUS Board will evaluate and choose the recipients based on the information provided and must be submitted prior to January 15, 2024. Please submit your applications to the SARDUS Board for evaluation in care of: Ann Wichmann, PO Box 86, Falls City, OR 97344 or fill out the form below.


Application for SAR Canine Training Grant Program