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National Testing Days


Trailing/HRD/Area search testing June 10-13, 2022- Estes Park, Colorado

These testing days are tied into the Estes Park clinic.  We will provide testing for Trailing, Area Search and Type III/IV HRD testing and re-certs available. You do not have to attend the clinic to test.  This is over the MRA weekend and have spots open after the seminar is over if you wish to attend.  See the sign-up below, space is limited.

Pacific Northwest clinic cancelled June 2-6, 2022-Salem, Oregon

Due to COVID related restrictions of the vendor this clinic will be moved to 2023.  There will be smaller clinics and testing opportunities available. 

Colorado Clinic

June 7,8,9 2022- Estes Park, Colorado

SARDUS will be hosting a training prior to the MRA conference.  Estes Park is a wonderful place for training.  We will offer trailing, area search and HRD. Certification opportunities will be available as well June 10-13 for Area Search, Trailing and HRD.

Trailing- Join Instructors Jeff Hiebert (Click for Bio) and Cathy Bryarly (Click for Bio) with over 65 years of combined experience exploring the skills necessary to be successful in trailing. Limited to 8 dog teams, $350 clinic. Few auditing spots available $150. WAIT LIST AVAILABLE.

  • June 7- Fundamentals- we will explore the fundamentals necessary for successful trailing in urban and wilderness areas.
  • June 8- Exploring the boundaries- we will look at what trailing dogs can do in different circumstances.
  • June 9- Strategies- Look at strategies for deploying trailing dogs in different scenarios from homes, vehicles, checking intersections.

Human Remains Detection- Join instructors Teresa MacPherson (Click for Bio) and John Beck (Click for Bio) with over 60 years of combined experience exploring human remain detection work. Topics to include choosing the right adult dog for HR work and developing the best alert. Limited 8 dog teams, $350 clinic. Few auditing spots available $150. WAIT LIST AVAILABLE.

  • June 7- Morning- Foundation Skills. Afternoon- field work
  • June 8- Morning- Buildings and vehicles. Afternoon- buried sources
  • June 9- Morning- Mock search/training. Afternoon- problem solving and troubleshooting.

Area Search- Join Chris Dover (Click for Bio) with over 30 years of experience working canines in the wilderness of Montana as you work on wilderness area search. Limited to 8 teams, $350 clinic.  Few Auditing spots available $150.

  • June 7- 9- Starting with the basics this class will look at what the participants need and want to work on. We will have varied mountainous terrain to work with in the Estes Valley. Search strategy and alerts are always where these classes land.

The trainings will be in and around the town of Estes Park.  There are numerous hotels, but book soon due to the high tourist season.  There is also camping at the Hermit Park Campground just outside of the town. We will offer testing opportunities following the clinic. Questions?  Contact us at

September 28- Oct 2, 2022- Rifle, Colorado

SARDUS is in the planning stages for a 5 day clinic in the middle of October 2022.  We will be doing training for area search, HRD and trailing the first 3-days.  Then the last two days will be dedicated to testing. More information to follow, registration not yet open.


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