Law Enforcement

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Typically, across the country law enforcement oversees all searches.  SARDUS resources work directly with law enforcement on criminal cases, possible abductions, and missing person cases.  SARDUS provides training to all its members to meet certification and education standards required by the legal system for the proper maintenance of skills, records, crime scene preservation, chain of custody for evidence, and ultimately the presentation of investigations to the courts.

How are SARDUS teams utilized by Law Enforcement?

  • Locate evidence: bodies, body parts, blood, weapons.
  • Scent evidence: follow where an individual walked, or determine if an individual did not go where they were “reported” to have gone.
  • Search: cover a large area to locate an individual, or follow the scent of a lost person.

Evidence obtained by search dogs meets the burden of the proof level of “Reasonable Suspicion” for criminal cases.  This information combined with other evidence are required to reach the burden of proof for “Probable Cause.” SARDUS resources meet case law requirements for court cases:

  • Certification- SARDUS provides national certification for dog teams in Human Remains Detection, Trailing, Area Search, where proficiency, competency and skills are evaluated.
  • SARDUS resources are required to keep training logs, detailing training as may be requested in a court case.
  • SARDUS Human Remains Detection resources are required to take a Crime Scene Preservations and Ethics course to better support law enforcement by not compromising evidence in a case.
  • SARDUS retains and provides all necessary testing and evaluation documentation for court cases.


law officers and their dogs


SARDUS has current and former police officers, park rangers, wildlife officers, and Sheriff’s Deputies.  Law Enforcement agencies utilize SARDUS to certify their canines responsible for the search.  These resources have been requested across the country to assist in cases where local jurisdictions may not have the local resources needed for criminal and missing person cases.

Law Enforcement may request SARDUS resources through our dispatching system:

For use by law enforcement or search managers only 24/7: 1(855) 598-3267 If no one answers, we will be paged to return your call immediately.