9/11 Memorial Pin 


This unique 9/11 memorial pin was designed by Chuck McWilliams, a Denver architect, designer and dog lover.  After the 9/11 attacks, Chuck wanted to help the search and rescue dogs be able to raise money to assist with their training and all the components necessary to create strong K9 search teams with strong search dogs.


Shaped like the Big Apple, the pin was designed with 9 stars and 11 stripes.  It is a true memorial to the K9s and handlers who responded to that callout and to all emergency responders for response callouts everyday throughout the world. Your donation goes directly to Search and Rescue Dogs of the United States- Colorado Team.  Thank you!


copyrighted by Bonnie M. J. Schriner for use by SARDUS.

Each pin is quality cast metal, with lapel pin backing

$5.00 each

mimum order 5 pins please

shipping $5.90

All proceeds go to supporting search and rescue dog teams 


SARDUS co-founder Ann Wichmann and canine Jenner at World Trade Center 09/11/01