Search and Rescue Dog Resource List
National, regional, state and local listing of search and rescue dog team resources.


SAR Dog Yellow Pages

Listing of search and rescue dog groups and agencies.

For agency listings in the SAR Dog Yellow Pages click here


SAR Dog White Pages

Listing of SAR dog team resources by individual team and speciality.

For individual listing for the SAR Dog White Pages please click here

Information from the SAR Dog Yellow and White Pages is made available only to Law Enforcement Agencies or Search Managers.

If you are a family member of a lost or missing person please have the local authorities contact us if you feel you need assistance.

If you are an agency requesting information from this registry please email your request by clicking here

If this is an emergency and you are an agency officially and legally responsible for managing searches please call pager number (303)441-3851 enter pager number 1761 and then your phone number followed by #.  If you do not get a response within 1/2 hour please send page again.

The National SAR dog Registry is maintained by Search and Rescue Dogs of the United States.  For all non SARDUS members there is a $10/year annual donation for White Page listings and $20/ year annual donation for Yellow Page listings.  A bill will be sent to you after completing the listing page. 

DISCLAIMER:  The sole purpose of this registry is to make communication available between SAR dog resources agencies that may require resources.  SARDUS is not responsible for the accuracy or competency of any resource listed in this registry.  You must make the determination to deploy these resources on your own and resources may require a MOU to assist your organization.  It is our recommendation that you contact these SAR dog resources prior to an emergency to establish a solid working relationship.