Agency Membership


Agency Membership brings the following benefits:

  • Certify your evaluators.
  • Certify your current SAR dog resources to National standards.
  • Your SAR dog organization must meet NIMS typing standards for SAR dogs.
  • Provide better service to your local law enforcement agency by satisfying evidence standards set by case law.
  • Available training and continued education.
  • Provide support for developing local resources.
  • Expand your mutual-aid agreements by meeting Professional standards.
  • Meet qualifications to have your resources respond to regional or national incidents.
  • Your organization can have a direct voice in how SAR dogs are certified and deployed.

Or please send all correspondence to:

Search and Rescue Dogs of the United States
46848 Highway 61 PO Box 85 Otis,
Colorado  80743

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Search and Rescue Organizations across the country are striving to meet the needs of search managers and law enforcement.  New Federal guidelines are requiring local agencies to form mutual aid agreements with neighboring jurisdictions.  Lessons from large disasters like 911 and Hurricane Katrina have resulted in the need for standardization in all emergency response fields, including search and rescue dogs.   Law Enforcement agencies are dealing with case law issues that are demanding outside and independent certification of dog resources.

·        Provide certification- freeing up time and energy that local groups put into evaluations.

·        Certifications are based on performance and not on the politics that divide some groups.

·        NIMS compliance is required by the agencies you serve, this reinforces a positive relationship between the SAR dog organization and those responsible for searches.

·        NIMS compliance allows your organization to be utilized in large-scale disasters.

·        Professional certification allows for neighboring jurisdictions to understand the capabilities of your dog handlers and thus get more call-outs.

·        SARDUS also strives to provide education and training for the Professional volunteers that make up the majority of SAR dog handlers.

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